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Book Launch : Tyo Nepal

Tyo Nepal, by Dadi Sapkota

- Pages: 290
- Price: NPR 350
- Language: Nepali
- Publisher: Jagadamba Prakasan, Lalitpur

The diplomatic relations started between Nepal and France in 1949 paved the way for cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Despite these multiple exchanges, there is little publish material on Franco-Nepalese relations. This book, published to fill this gap, is based on interviews with 29 French nationals who came to Nepal for different reasons, whether personal or private, and who have forged ties with Nepal and the Nepalese. It contains, among other things, the testimony of anthropologists Gerard Toffin and Philipe Ramirez, the naturalist Jean-Francois Dobremez, film director Eric Valli, as well as many other people from the world of politics, diplomacy, science, aviation and arts.

The interviews were conducted in French and transcribed into Nepali. We believe that the publication of this book in Nepali will help in the dissemination of ideas and perceptions of leading French citizens, and these exciting stories of Franco-Nepalese, with a large audience in Nepal.

About the author:

Sapkota Dadi started his career as a journalist. He is the author of writings on topics such as environment, wildlife and flora, etc.. Francophile, he is currently in search of foreign lovers of Nepal.

List of persons interviewed.

- 1. Robert Le FOLL Robert Le FOLL is the chairman of Francoise Nepal Bree, Panauti, a former Member of Parliament and Chairman of France Nepal Parliamentary Friendship Group.
- 2. Brigitte STEINMANN Brigitte STEINMANN is an anthropologist who did her PhD on the agricultural system and economic structure of farmers in a Tamang village.
- 3. Dr. Didier BENARD Dr. Didier BENARD is the Consular General of France to Nepal and is related to the medical profession by training.
- 4. Maurice HERZOG Maurice HERZOG is the first mountaineer to climb Mount Annapurna.
- 5. Alaine LEBREC Alaine LEBREC is a good friend of the then King Birendra.
- 6. Eric VALLI Eric VALLI is a filmmaker and writer. ‘Caravan’, his film on Nepal was nominated in the best foreign film category for the Oscars.
- 7. Pierre MAZEAUD Pierre MAZEAUD is a former minister, a well-known mountaineer and has a PhD in law from Paris University.
- 8. Gérard TOFFIN Gérard TOFFIN is an anthropologist who has made extensive studies of the Nepalese society, and is former Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of France, Kathmandu.
- 9. Frédéric PERRIER Frédéric PERRIER is a volcanologist.
- 10. Joëlle SMADJA Joëlle SMADJA has a PhD in geography and animal botany.
- 11. Tristan BRUSLE Tristan BRUSLE has done his PhD research on the migration of Nepalese.
- 12. Francis DELOCHE de NOYELLE Francis DELOCHE de NOYELLE is a diplomat.
- 13. Colonel Pierre LE FLOCH Colonel Pierre LE FLOCH is an army helicopter pilot and was also a Military Attaché at the Embassy of France, Kathmandu. - 14. Anselme BAUD Anselme BAUD is a mountaineer and an instructor of ski and high altitude climbing.
- 15. Isabelle SACAREAU Isabelle SACAREAU is a tourism expert and has done PhD research on the tourism porters of Nepal.
- 16. Maud GRASMUCK Maud GRASMUCK has a Degree on Classical Dance, and is the chairman of an organization established to promote Nepali and Indian dance, music and culture.
- 17. Paul GREISSLER Paul GREISSLER has done PhD research on history and is the chairman of Nepal Association.
- 18. Jean François DOBREMEZ Jean François DOBREMEZ is a botanist and has done his PhD research on the existence of collective structures of patterns on the high Himalayan mountain range.
- 19. Jean-Pierre MERCIER Jean-Pierre MERCIER is the Chairman of Nepal A Vour.
- 20. Sylvie SERVAN-SCHREIBER Sylvie SERVAN-SCHREIBER is former employee of the French Cultural Centre.
- 21. Marc BATARD Marc BATARD has scaled Mount Everest and visited Nepal numerous times.
- 22. Mireille HELFFER Mireille HELFFER is an anthropologist who has studied Nepali society for 40 years, and published three books on Tibetan music.
- 23. Didier DELSALLE Didier DELSALLE is a world record holder helicopter pilot.
- 24. Jean BRIANE Jean BRIANE was a Member of Parliament for 30 years and is the Chairman of the France-Nepal Friendship Association.
- 25. Philippe RAMIREZ Philippe RAMIREZ is an anthropologist who has a couple of Master’s Degree and a PhD research on Nepal, has visited Nepal 21 times and also written a book on the country.
- 26. Marie-Christine CABAUD Marie-Christine CABAUD has published four books on Nepalese folktales, prepared a Nepali-to -French dictionary, and has also served as Director of the Nepali Language Section, at Doffin University.
- 27. Jacque MARVEAU Jacque MARVEAU a PhD on optical electronics, is the Chairman of Cultural Franco.
- 28. Marc GABORIAU Marc GABORIAU, did his PhD research on the minority Muslims in the Hindu Kingdom of Nepal, and is the teacher of the then King Birendra.

publié le 17 February 2012

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